M3 Adapter System

It is the DS download page. It is a mirror of every file of firmware and software of DS Flashcart I go out in my hands. Because a large majority of these cards come from Asia, the files are hosted servers are slow, unreadable and reliable for the rest of the world. My server is always available and fast. Keep a file of the version full, even if someone needs older versions and developers do not maintain Web sites. Please read the instructions in the guides and tutorials category, solve common problems, before contacting me. 25-03-2015: no added file today. 24-03-2015: no added file today. 23-03-2015: no added file today. 22-03-2015: no added file today. 21 03 2015: no added file today. 20-03-2015: no added file today. 19 03 2015: no added file today. Send me a message, a question. If the aid application, is more descriptive as possible. For example, it is not enough to say, the games does not work, you say games and what is the error message you see etc., in particular as regards that exactly what versions of card and charger/firmware also tell me you have, if it is applicable. Thank you very much. And don't forget to read the guides in the tutorials category (especially if you R4s m3 adapter system questions). Do not respond to questions where or how you download commercial games. Official website of the DS - X is a map that looked promising in the release, but has not been supported and therefore do not have when compared to other cards. I buy Datel games and a mass market for the DS, but due to the poor compatibility and uselessness of music-General wanted the unit, never much popularity won. Official website of the iPlayer is an audio/video player with integrated decoder. For this reason, it can on video formats as the game's most popular. AVI and. MPG without conversion. DPG to the homebrew can also work natively with DLDI support. .