M3 System By Hella

Roy this super clean 1991 BMW E30 M3 in 1998 bought and has begun to transform, you've ever seen in one of the most beautiful road/rail M3. The first goal was sold only in Europe in 1990 to convert to an equivalent of the evolution of the sport model (3 Evo), but he went much further. virtually every engine, brake, suspension, wheels and different options offered by Turner Motorsport (TMS), including 2. stroker engine 5 litres with m3 system by hella a piston of 3 phases. In addition to the exceptional power of 275 PS and manoeuvrability, this M3 is beautiful with beautiful there are numerous, but adds subtle aspects, such as the evolution 3 and evolution rear the spoiler 2, clean the lenses, the front wheels and BBS - RK or SSR competition. And if that wasn't enough, he adapted an audio system, power, that you do not want to forgive this car from the. the specified list of transactions included in this E30 M3. Roy admits that it could decide to not branch, he wanted to go with your dream BMW car. e performance, look like luxury. It was if in all directions. The only negative point in this approach of each address of your total investment now is more than double what they paid for the car! But should not regret, to convert this car BMW classic timeless really final. Is still in the plans for the car, which keep this E30 M3 is one of the best! .